McGrath Incorporated
5353 W. Dartmouth Avenue, Suite 506
Denver, Colorado 80227
Tel. (303) 969-0220
Fax (303) 985-5565

McGrath Incorporated
1881 Craig Road
St. Louis, Missouri 63146
Tel. (314) 576-7640
Fax (314) 576-6440

McGrath Incorporated is a Denver/St. Louis based Engineering and Construction Management firm which specializes in the design and implementation of Building Mechanical Systems in Commercial and Institutional Construction Projects.

Our staff is comprised of both Engineering and Construction Professionals which interact in defining cost effective system concepts and construction specific methods to the unique requirements and economic constraints of each Project.

McGrath Incorporated is registered as a Colorado Corporation. The firm originated in 1985 as D.F. McGrath & Associates and reorganized into McGrath & Lillie, Inc. in 1988 with the formation of the St. Louis operation. In 1993 the firm was reorganized into McGrath Incorporated.

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